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Hoya paradisea (previously sp. NS11-159 from Papua) | unrooted cutting


Hoya paradisea (previously sp. NS11-159 from Papua). When tell I tell you that I am obsessed with this beautiful and RARE plant from Papua New Guinea, what I mean to say is that I captivated. Infatuated. Plagued with my desire to stick my head into my grow tent every day and poke it and tell it how much I adore it. This plant is extremely rare and difficult to obtain because it has not been in “circulation” for very long.

By the way, the flowers? They’re fluffy. Little melancholy angels wearing white hats fashioned out of cloud dust, daydreaming sleepily from their perch. ☁️

This is an unrooted cutting. You will get 1-2 unrooted leaves.