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Hoya ‘Silver Lady DY’ | rooted cutting

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Not many people know the origin of Hoya ‘Silver Lady DY’, but it became a bit of an obsession for me. I ended up contacting numerous botanical gardens, herbariums, and universities in China in order to find out. And now I can share that story with you. ?

Hoya ‘Silver Lady DY’ was grown from seed from a Hoya verticillata cross (but the exact cross is unclear). It was crossed and grown by one Mr. Yang who had a plant nursery in Donying City in Shandong Province, China. The original name for this plant was Hoya ‘Yv Nv’ named by Mr. Yang’s girlfriend at the time.

However when Mr. Yang began marketing the Hoya hybrid overseas, its name was changed to Hoya ‘Silver Lady DY’, DY standing for “Dongying”, the city in which it was originally cultivated. Mr. Yang has since retired, but this pretty little silver Hoya thrives!

I tell this story in one of my videos about some of the more rare and common Hoyas in my collection.

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