Hoya fauziana subsp. fauziana | unrooted cutting


Hoya fauziana subsp. fauziana is unlike any other Hoya I have come across. There is an almost iridescent quality to the leaf that can only be seen in-person and never caught on camera.

Hoya fauziana subsp. fauziana was collected in 2013 and published in 2015 by Rodda, Simonsson and A.Lamb. It is native to Sabah (Borneo, Malesia, and Asia-Tropical).

This Hoya was named after Fauziah Bosuang, the wife of Dr. Steven Bosuang who is known for taking part in the establishment of Kipandi Park in the Crocker Range in Sabah. Kipandi Park became home to many native species of Hoya!

This is an unrooted cutting. You will get 1-2 unrooted leaves.

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