Hoya ‘Silver Dollar’ MB1405-A (sun stressed) | rooted

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This is one of my most prized plants, Hoya ‘Silver Dollar’ MB1405-A. It’s more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. It’s a truly gorgeous plant that stands out among the others.

Mike Bernardo is the original cultivator of this plant. This one is often sold as MB1405-AG or other weird variations. A version of this plant which has begun to revert back to a more green “splash” version of this Hoya is often sold as MB1405-AG(B) but Mr. Bernardo has stated that he has no idea who added the letter “G” to the original ascension number and it is unrelated to the original Hoyas he cultivated.

There are two Hoya crosses from one seed pod: Hoya ‘Silver Dollar’ MB1405-A and its sister plant, Hoya ‘Penny’s Treat’ MB1405-B.

The leaves of these Hoya cuttings are very sun stressed from grow lights, causing their red coloration. New leaves will not have red hue unless the plant is grown in very bright, direct light.

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