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Hoya ′Mathilde′ splash | unrooted cutting


Hoya ‘Mathilde’ was a happy accident, along with its sister plant Hoya ‘Chouke’ (and what a pair of terrific siblings). ? Botanist Emilio Begine from Belgium had two plants in bloom during the summer of 1994: Hoya carnosa and Hoya serpens. Some hungry bug must have been unable to resist the sweet feast of blooms available and not long thereafter Begine’s Hoya carnosa gave birth to a bouncing baby seed pod. In January 1995 it burst open and he sowed the seeds in a terrarium for curiosity’s sake. After some time, he had two seedlings: one became the cultivar Hoya ‘Chouke’ and the other, its adorably freckled sibling Hoya ‘Mathilde’.

This is an unrooted cutting. You will get 2-3 unrooted leaves.

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